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Bench top, with a straight edge, made of solid oak wood in a rustic design. The bench top is 2+2 cm thick and has a width-length joint. Two different dimensions are available, 180x38 cm and 200x38 cm.

A modern system of dining tables and benches, that allows you to assemble a table or bench from different elements, as you like. It consists of different tops, in several dimensions, and different shapes of legs. You can decide by yourself, which parts will you choose, according to your desires and needs. The tops are made of solid, oiled, oak wood in a rustic design. The legs are made of metal and powder-coated in black colour. There are four different shapes of table tops available. Top with straight edge (thickness 2+2 cm), with tree edge (thickness 2+2 cm), with Swiss edge (thickness 2+2 cm) and Swiss edge with rounded corners (thickness 2,6 cm). All table tops have a continuous lamellas (DL), except for a top with straight edge that has a finger joint (FJ). There are also six different legs shapes available (lambada, U, X, W, spyder and cross). Also you can choose between two different dimension of a bench top, which has tree edge and continuous lamells (DL). The legs for bench are available in U shape. See the entire offer of the program.

Color: oak

Dimensions (cm): 180x38, 200x38InfoWidth x Depth x Height

Material: Solid wood

Features: Modular program

Dimension (cm): 180x38InfoWidth x Depth x Height

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