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  • 1992 - foundation of the company
  • 1993 - construction of the business premises
  • 1995 - design of our own distribution and expansion to entire Slovenia
  • 1999 - opening of the new storage premises
  • 2003 - opening of the new business- storage premises
  • 2007 - opening of additional business- storage premises
  • 2012 - building of solar plant 
  • 2017 - opening of new storage premesis

The Fortrade d.o.o. company has been founded in year 1992. 

The number of the business partners (suppliers and costumers) has gradually increased, and the company expanded its activities to the entire Slovenian furniture market. This was its primary goal at the beginning of its foundation. This resulted in the need for new capacities. Besides enlarging the drive park and the number of the employees in years 1997 and 1998, the idea of a new, bigger storage hall emerged. The idea was realized in October 1999 when the opening of the new 1900 m2 large storage hall took place.

Fortrade Company has kept on expanding its programme and gaining new suppliers by offering their costumers a colorful furniture offer of a wide spectrum. In next years company’s management revealed that the existing storage capacities had not guaranteed the most optimal management. This lead to the opening of the new 2500 m2large business premises in August 2003, when the 10th anniversary of the company was celebrated. The new business-storage premises include also a 700 m2 large show room in which the offer for our partners is on display. The same building also includes the business premises.


In 2007 at company's 15th anniversary company's business premises were expanded to 8000 m2 of warehouse and 1000 m2 of showroom as a result of growth.

Fortrade is also ecologically responsible company. With building up 300 kV solar plant capacity in year 2012 we save spreading of 175 tone CO2 yearly to the atmoshpere.

The construction of the rack warehouse in 2017 enabled us to store and manipulate goods faster and easier, while modern managed storage allows for speed, inspection and stability of stock, which is especially important in today's unstable times.

For the first ten years, the company sold furniture exclusively in Slovenia, but today the situation has changed. As much as 90% of the furniture is sold on foreign markets. The largest increase in furniture sales is observed in Germany, where we work with many business partners, both small retail stores, retail chains and online platforms.

In recent years, we have been paying a lot of attention not only to the assortment we offer, but also to services that enable our partners to deliver quickly and respond fast to their requirements, from a modern warehouse, B2B ordering via the website, constant insight into stocks to flexibility in deliveries.

In 2022, the company celebrates 30 years. Stable and full of ideas and plans, we move forward into mature years, ready for the challenges of modern times. We look forward to your cooperation with us!

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